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About Bergen Kystlag

Bergen Kystlag 

is a local organization in Forbundet KYSTEN, and have since 1983 led cost cultural activities and knowledge transfer in sea fearing and craftmanship, with the motto; "preserve through usage". With several hundred members we maintan and pass on our costal culture heritage to the coming generations. 

In the spring we put our boats on the sea and during the summer season we sail short and long trips, ro the small boats and arrange activities.  In the autumn we put our boats on land for maintenance and preservation until next summer season.


During the year we meet every Wednesday at 18.00 in Gamle Bergen/harbor, for sailing, roing, courses, arrangements, handcrafts or just to be social.

Sustainability and our environment!

Bergen Kystlag brings our costal culture heritage from the livelihood it once was, into a free time activity today for a good sustainable alternative and to preserve our environment.

Something for you? 

We welcome everyone to be a member.  Du you want to use your free time to be active, belong and contribute to something meaningful in a good social fellowship?

Get in touch - !

Om Bergen Kystlag: About Us
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